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New Website

warfighter8 a posted Feb 2, 14

Check out our new website at www.89thrg.net depicting a few shots of us in battle and a secret surprise!!!!

Welcome to the website!

Cop posted Jul 16, 12
I was looking around last night and I decided the 89th Royal Guard, as decent of a regiment they are, deserved to have a website. 

Here it is!

I've got the rank tags all set up, the application, and even a bit of classical music when you hit the front page. However, to keep this around and as nice looking as it is, it's gonna cost around 8 dollars a month. I'm gonna get a paypal thing set up so you guys can donate if you feel the obligation. There is a free plan, but it would take away some of our nice features you see currently.

Anyway fellas, I'm tired, thinking about heading off to bed. It's 4:00 am. 

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